About Us

We specialize in all design things animal related. We develop websites that are eye-catching, fast, easy to navigate around and developed & designed to a high level. We aim to create a great experience for you and your site visitors. We want our websites to be easy to maintain and to edit content.

We have top experience in creating website designs, website development, app designs, illustrations, logos, banners, company branding, flyers, posters, business cards, and website management.

We can create your website or other items quickly within your deadline and at competitive prices. You will always have an input and be updated from beginning to start throughout the whole process so we understand exactly what you want.

We ourselves have 6 little furry companions! Two Chihuahuas, two Bengal cats, and two Italian Greyhounds. We love pets, we understand pets, pet owners, and what you want.

Our Team


Daisy & Timmy

Thomas & Jasper


Designer & Developer Managers of cuddling Project Nap Co-ordinators Team Chillout